Oklahoma Baptist University Stavros College of Nursing

Shawnee, Oklahoma

This two-story, 30,000 square foot building contains an eight-bed health assessment lab, an eight-bed medium fidelity lab, six high fidelity labs, a staff office suite, an administration office suite, three classrooms, a computer lab, and a 100-seat lecture hall. A section of the first floor serves a dual purpose featuring both simulations labs and a FEMA tornado shelter.

The simulation labs contain functional medical gas systems, a nurse call system, multi-view video recording and playback systems, and have been furnished with state-of-the-art simulation mannequins and medical equipment. The labs provide the students with a realistic hospital environment and have been designed to meet the Oklahoma Board of Health’s requirements for medical facilities.

We addressed student and faculty needs in the design through multiple meetings with executive staff, students, and alumni. We then compiled the information and worked with OBU to address the needs in order of the University’s priority.