CJC Celebrates 70 Years

Gratitude – A Note from our Leadership

This year CJC is celebrating 70 years of continuous operation, making us one of the oldest locally owned continually operating architecture firms in Tulsa. We are excited to celebrate this milestone with you and appreciate all your support through the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing clients, staff (past and present) consultants, contractors, and community! Each of you has played a part in our story and we are thankful to you!
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What was happening in the world in 1953?

April 1953 The discovery of DNA’s structure

June 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abby

May 1953 The First Ascent of Mount Everest

1953, CJC was founded as Coleman, Ervin & Associates at an office in downtown Tulsa’s newly renovated Old City Hall. Little did the founders know, that through 14 presidents, 13 recessions, and 7 decades later CJC would still be running strong. With a name change to CJC Architects, Inc. in 2006, CJC’s current leadership and staff are committed to showcasing the faith, hope, and love of Oklahomans.  We strive to provide excellent service to our clients and unwavering support to our community.

What our clients say about us

Authentic. Collaborative. No ego. Responsive.

Taking challenges. Dependable. Creative.

We want to do right by people.

Celebrating Achievements

1. One of the oldest, locally owned, and continually operating architecture firms in Tulsa.

2. One of the first local firms to adopt BIM Model in 2001. Our first project to model was the Tulsa County Courthouse.

3. Cultivated an exceptional team of professionals who value family and faith, and whose passion and expertise continue to drive the company’s success.

4. Nurtured strong partnerships and collaborations to foster valued, long-term client relationships and assist our clients with navigating clear solutions to complex projects.

Profile of our Founder – Joe Coleman

In 2004, Founder Joe Coleman was honored with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award by the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture. Recognized for his exceptional contributions to the preservation of Tulsa’s iconic art deco buildings, Coleman’s dedication led him to save numerous structures from demolition. He tirelessly advocated for renovation and adaptive reuse, successfully convincing citizens, lawmakers, and architects to embrace these alternatives instead of destruction. Throughout his illustrious fifty-year career, he lovingly restored architectural gems like Tulsa’s old City Hall, Central High School, and the Adams Hotel.

Not just limited to buildings, Joe Coleman’s passion for preservation extended to the natural heritage of Tulsa. In 1970, he achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first architect to be elected commissioner of streets and public property. Beyond his architectural endeavors, he embarked on a mission to save the Council Oak Tree—a historic Burr Oak tree that held great significance as it marked the site where the Creek tribe established Tulsa back in 1836. Through a unique and unconventional land exchange between a private owner and the city, Coleman successfully acquired and preserved the area, which had been slated for sale. As a result of his efforts, the Council Oak Tree now rests safely on a hill overlooking the Arkansas River, standing as a testament to the city’s rich cultural and natural heritage. In 2007, his outstanding achievements were further acknowledged when he was named a Fellow by the American Institute of Architects.

Joe Coleman - Founder of CJC Architects