OBU Student Housing

Shawnee, Oklahoma

CJC Architects works closely with their clients to develop projects that meet their expectations, from initial programming meetings to final construction closeout meetings. CJC Architects and our consultants have worked for the past five years developing the campus wide master plan for Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. A major component of the master plan is the construction of new housing facilities for their growing student body. OBU desired new housing that would be seen as an amenity to their incoming students. CJC assisted OBU in evaluating the different housing styles and options available. CJC was responsible for analyzing the available campus property and developing housing schemes that would best utilize the land area available, be convenient and accessible to students, and provide long-term and cost-effective housing solutions. CJC Architects met with OBU on-campus regularly to develop program requirements, present design concepts and cost estimates, and review construction progress. All meetings were carefully documented to record the decisions made. CJC also utilized three-dimensional design software to present the project design as it was being developed. This was done at both on-site meetings and through online meeting platforms. This allowed design solutions to be quickly developed and reviewed. Working with OBU, a combination of housing styles were chosen, ranging from of apartment style housing units to more traditional dormitory buildings which provided storm shelters.